Benefits of permanent cooperation with ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency

14 years of business operation of ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency
The reason why a translation agency operates is the actual benefits it brings to its Customers. ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency was established in 1997 in Warsaw. A year later we transferred the company to Łódź. We are very aware of the basic business relation described in the first sentence. “We walk in the shoes of the Customer” and evaluate our products and services from that point of view. However, to make this approach possible we need to have “the shoes”, i.e. we have to see particular cases in appropriate proportions and relations.  Of course, the imagination is a must but it’s the experience which is crucial. Today, in 2011 we can say that ATTINTERWERS.COM Technical Translations Agency possesses such experience. Throughout the 14 years of operation within the industry of written technical translations we have come across many people, a few hundred of companies, thousands of cases and most of all, we have translated a few hundred thousand pages of technical texts into various European languages. Our business goals are achieved with the work of professional and experienced personnel. By the above, we do not only mean the translators, even though they are the first people who come to one’s mind when thinking about a translation. A corporate customer is mainly interested in the results and not the resources. The customer knows well, based on the experience, that behind each product or service provided efficiently there always is a successful organisational structure, professional personnel as well as high quality equipment. The boundary of professionalism within our industry is not set between a good and a bad translator but between a good translation agency or any other entity providing translation services and a single translator, a team of translators or an unprofessional translation company. Similarly to other branches of industry, full professionalism, i.e. a high-quality product can only be offered by an organisation meeting all applicable requirements, having experienced personnel as well as office facilities and equipment resources and enforces procedures necessary to guarantee the quality, timeliness and wide range of services for a good price on a long-term basis. ATTINTERWERS.COM Technical Translations Agency is able to provide the customer with all they actually need, i.e. a high-quality product because we can offer:

proven management personnel which decides about the final offers and the selection of staff
verified proof-readers working internally at the ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency office which are the key element in quality management as well as providing timely services
large database of verified sub-suppliers: translators, DTP service providers, IT specialists
an office with property ownership, equipment and software such as CAT (computer aided translation) tools which make it easier to complete and manage large translation projects (i.e. memoQ which is a product of the Hungarian company, Kilgray) – which ensures safety and stability of the company’s operations
business experience which results in understanding the customers’ needs
cooperation with translators and translation agencies from other countries of the European Union.
The advantages we offer have been developed through our work conducted over the 14 years of activity of ATTINTERWERS.COM Technical Translations Agency while our achievements are a result of determination which forms the business ethics of which we are fully aware. The most important values within business ethics include:

respect for work and achievements of the customer
precise business response to particular needs of the customer
respect for work of all co-workers and acknowledgement of the human factor which is key in the translation industry because the product is always an outcome of human work
clear offer procedures
clear settlement rules
specialists in technical and business translations
specialists in written translation
organisational flexibility suiting the specific requirements of the growing Polish economy