Customer Service Department

Professional assistance and proper solutions

The basic role of the Customer Service Department of ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency is to become familiar with the Customers’ needs and to fulfil their requirements by in-depth analysis of particular situations and cooperation with a Customer to find the best solutions.

Handling of translation services is a complex process. At ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency, Customer care goes hand in hand with quality of services. Processing of orders is based on simple, precisely defined terms and procedures.

On the basis of the documents or a sample sent, we prepare an initial estimate of the translation and propose a deadline depending on the Customer’s needs. The price is quoted free of charge immediately upon receiving documents. Whenever possible, we offer our customers a fixed price which they know in advance when the order is placed. It will not change even if we underestimate the volume of the target text. It is we, not the Customer, who bears the risk.

If the proposed terms are accepted, the Customer Service Department prepares an order form which is sent via e-mail to the Customer to be signed and sent back via e-mail of fax. It is a confirmation of the terms and conditions of a particular translation project. The translated document is delivered to the Customer via e-mail on the agreed completion date.

The employee of the Customer Service Department will be pleased to answer any enquiries and explain any doubts arising during order processing.

In case of complex or multilingual projects, we can arrange a meeting with the Customer at their office for a detailed discussion.