Technical and legal translations into Polish

We specialise mainly in written technical, legal and marketing translations from all European languages into Polish. We also handle multilingual projects with English, French and German as a source language, and languages of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe as target ones. We provide our services to corporate and business Customers.

While offering competitive prices, short deadlines and professional service, our chief focus is quality. It is predetermined primarily by an appropriate choice of a translator. Texts or materials that you submit to us are analysed and, depending on specific requirements, are entrusted to a translator whose knowledge and experience will guarantee perfect understanding of the source text with all its intricacies and their correct expression in the target language.

Often, the translation is verified as to its subject matter by another specialist. Finally, the text is always proofread. Texts that are heavily infused with client-specific terminology are always consulted with the Customer to adjust the text to the terminology that might have already been established. Such a mechanism of double checking ensures the highest quality of the final product.

In case of documents including meaningful visual elements (images, graphs, tables), a supplementary service is available, involving re-creation of the original layout of the source document in professional DTP software (InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop).

The management process ensures that the Customer receives the translated and checked document(s) within the deadline and in the required form. All translations are stored in our archives in electronic version for the period of five years. If you lose the translated file, you may always ask us for a copy.