We choose the Łódź-way

Members of our team were born in Łódź – or chose to live in it. It is a city with which we identify, and its ethos – shaped by its history – determines how we act and what we strive for. Łódź was created by the dreams of working people, their energy, commitment, entrepreneurship, resourcefulness and conscientiousness.

The term “Lodzermensches” comes from German and literally means “the people of Łódź”. So who are people from Łódź? Who are we?

In the 19th century, in the era of flourishing textile industry, Łódź was a city of four cultures, where members of various nationalities and followers of many different religions lived and worked side by side: different life models and value systems mixed. People did business, exorbitant fortune was created, and trade based on the agreements concluded in Łódź ranged from Alabama’s cotton fields to Vladivostok. Working-class housing estates and hospitals built by factory owners are still a living element of the city’s fabric. The pursuit of development, openness to change, willingness to understand one’s partner – these qualities have become the origins of an entrepreneurial culture and diligence.

The same energy drives people today, stimulates their creativity and innovation, and motivates them – now that Łódź with our participation becomes a symbol of transformation and rebirth before our very eyes. In a very short time, we have become a full member of the European community and have begun to seize the opportunities offered by European markets. These changes are a source of pride and joy for us – hence the decision to use photos of the changing city on our website. We feel that we are actively involved in the ongoing transformations, and this is reflected in our daily work. When building a company and a team, establishing procedures of cooperation with a client and defining standards of services, we draw on the potential offered by the enthusiasm, courage and optimism of the “people of Łódź”.