Our mission

Mission of ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency

Our mission is to provide our clients with a sense of security and comfort by timely delivery of top quality technical and legal translations. We want the choice of ATT INTERWERS of Technical Translations Agency to be an obvious stage of work on all documents. We want the translation to be another advantage of the Client and our work to fit in with the smooth functioning of modern economic organisms.

Implementation of our mission

We provide a sense of security and comfort to our clients – people who order translations from us – by using a defined and consciously accepted system of business values:

  • maintaining good business relations: by engaging time and energy to learn the needs, requirements and expectations of our clients in the field of translation services

  • individual approach: by adapting to the client’s working style and system, changes in their organisation and emerging needs, and by maintaining constant and intensive relations with the employees responsible for ordering translations

  • fair and precise price quotes: by understanding the business and economic situation of the client and the general economic, social and political context in which they operate

  • providing the best quality and price: by getting to know the client’s product or services and adapting our translation activities and organisational solutions to their needs

  • saving the client’s resources and time: through clear and unambiguous transfer of information, drawing up transparent price quotes, applying proven procedures and documented settlements by the Customer Service Department

  • correctness and accuracy of translations: through cooperation with experienced translators and quality control performed by the in-house Proofreading Department

  • punctuality: by delivering the translated documents on time, within the specified deadline

  • implementation of modern solutions: through the use of the latest working methods, translation tools and order management systems