Check the offer of our translation agency:

Our strengths:

  • proven specialist translators
  • experienced proofreaders
  • clear and precise rules of quotation and settlement
  • many language combinations
  • state-of-the-art translation aids (CAT)
  • professional DTP software

Your benefits:

  • long-term reliable cooperation
  • sense of security provided by a team of long-term employees
  • top quality translations
  • timely delivery of services
  • terminological consistency of translated documents
  • attractive discounts for repetitive texts
  • translation and DTP services from one supplier


Technical translation:

As far as technical translations are concerned, we always follow the adopted order completion schedule. Technical documents are translated by our experienced and repeatedly proven translators. The translation is then thoroughly checked for stylistic correctness, spelling and punctuation by our team of in-house proofreaders. In the process of translating technical texts we use translation aids (CAT). Thanks to this, we build databases assigned to a specific client: we take care of terminological consistency in all translated documents and offer attractive discounts as the translation memory resources grow. We complete translation projects in the field of i.a. power engineering, telecommunications, automotive industry, construction, pharmacy and IT.

Legal translation:

Our experience in translating legal documents is exceptionally extensive. The language of legal translations is extremely formal and requires utmost precision of word and meaning. These documents are characterized by multi-level syntax and specialist terminology. Almost on a daily basis we provide translations of documents such as: commercial, credit, purchase and sale contracts, resolutions, orders, decisions, authorisations, powers of attorney, tender documents, memorandums and articles of association, bank guarantees, extracts from the commercial register, notarial acts and deeds and insurance documents. Our expertise, professional team of translators and modern tools supporting the translation process make it possible for us to handle comprehensive projects in a short time while maintaining the highest quality standards. We always ensure the confidentiality of translated documents.

Certified translation:

The specificity of certified translations lies in the fact that the translation is done by a translator recorded by the Ministry of Justice on the list sworn translators. To certify documents, the sworn translator uses a seal containing his or her name and the language in which he or she is authorised to provide certified translation services. A sworn translator is required to translate all elements of a document, including official stamps, signatures, annotations, explanations and additional markings. Most often these are documents of an official or legal nature, such as powers of attorney, notarial deeds, bank guarantees, confirmations of entry in the economic activity register, invoices that the client needs to present in court or in a public administration body. Translated documents are forwarded to the client via a trusted courier company.

Graphic services

Our offer of DTP services includes preparing documents for editing for a translator and proofreader, typesetting and preparing materials for printing. Graphic design of the translated documents is always done using professional typesetting software. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to the client’s needs, the client can cooperate with one business partner in the field of translation and DTP. We will not only translate the folder, catalogue or manual you need into several languages, but we will also provide you with a document that mirrors the original, with the replaced language version