Translation for marketing

Translation of marketing texts

Marketing and advertising translations are one of the most difficult tasks faced by translators and reviewers. The process of translating such texts requires from the translator not only full mastery of the language, but also comprehensive knowledge, a sense of cultural differences, the ability to keep an eye on the changes taking place in the world and a creative approach to the created content. The key to successful marketing translations lies in the knowledge of the industry in which the client operates, understanding of their needs and expectations, as well as in-depth knowledge of the potential target text recipient. An important aspect of working on a marketing translation is to convey the meaning of the text, not its faithful translation. In this case, the most important thing is to convey the idea, not to translate the text word by word. When translating advertising texts into various languages, one can most easily observe cultural diversity which determines different ways of conveying the same content to recipients of different nationalities. Therefore, translating such texts in a way that ensures that their message is effectively conveyed – if possible at all – is more like the work of a copywriter than a translator. We are dealing here with rewriting texts for each market rather than translating one “model” text into other languages. In order to perform this type of task reliably, it would be necessary to know the assumptions of the client’s marketing strategy adopted for the given market. This allows you to select the appropriate imaging and metaphors in the target text.

Our customers are perfectly aware that advertising and promotional materials of offered products and services are crucial for running their companies, that the proper choice of words, terms, phrases or idioms is of particular importance here. We know how to translate these thoughts into foreign languages so that the target text sounds natural and genuine, ensuring the client’s full satisfaction.

Examples of marketing translations:

  • Press releases
  • Training and PR materials
  • Advertising brochures and catalogues
  • Commercial offers
  • Product information sheets
  • Websites
  • Texts of information and promotion leaflets and folders
  • Advertising slogans
  • Vocabulary for AdWords and mailing campaigns
  • Guides
  • Texts for exhibitions and museum folders