Translation for medicine

Translation of medical documents

ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency provides specialist translations in the field of medicine. In order to translate a medical text, a team consisting of a translator with medical education and an experienced reviewer is appointed. Our services are used by companies producing medicines and medical equipment manufacturers. We translate for them texts such as: clinical trial reports, registration documents for medicinal products, certificates and declarations issued by medical supervision institutions, standard operating procedures, operation manuals for medical devices.

Examples of medical translations:

  • Short- and long-term evaluation of skull bone prosthesis
  • Text for a training video on a new medicinal product
  • Information brochures on new medicinal products
  • Marketing authorisations for medicinal products
  • Instructions for use of surgical prostheses
  • Monograph of the medicinal product
  • Clinical trial reports
  • Descriptions of analytical procedures
  • Quality certificate of the medicinal product
  • Discharge summaries
  • Results of diagnostic tests
  • Informed consent forms (ICF)
  • Tripartite model clinical trial agreements (Site – Sponsor – Investigator)
  • Standard operating procedures for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • Results of surgical treatment of abdominal hernias using surgical nets
  • Identification of impurities in the medicinal product