Technical translation

Technical translation – definition

Technical translation is the field of translation and type of service activity performed by technical translation agencies and individual technical translators. It consists in translating business and scientific texts related to technology, industry and science. Unlike specialist translations, this concept does not cover social sciences, including law, marketing and economics.
Technical translations are distinguished by their specific scientific and/or technical style, whose characteristics are: almost full fidelity; avoidance of inconsistent terminology; the wording used tries to imitate the original and is embedded in the tradition of technical language; the word and sentence order always minimise the degree to which the original is needs to be modified.

Proven operating model

20 years of close cooperation with clients from all industries and technologies has allowed us to gain experience in various areas of knowledge. Technical translation is our core activity. We translate i.a. user manuals, operation and maintenance documentation, technical specifications, product catalogues, installation descriptions, construction designs, expert opinions, patent descriptions and safety data sheets.

We are aware of the fact that the guarantee of the highest quality of technical translation is the substantive knowledge, in-depth understanding of the text, fidelity and accuracy of translation, as well as high linguistic competence of translators and reviewers. After we receive technical documents for translation, we perform an in-depth analysis of the text in order to best adapt the conditions of completion of the order to the type of the document and the needs of the client. We cooperate on a permanent basis with outstanding specialists from both linguistic and industry sectors who know that technical translations are intended to provide the same data in a new language version as was originally recorded in another language. During the translation process, the translators and then the linguists deal with a specific technical topic, using a language convention specific to the field, industry or company. While doing so, they use a technical style, i.e. a way of expressing thoughts that is intended to convey the exact information contained in the original document.

In the process of translating technical texts we use translation support (CAT) tools. The software we use store previously translated source texts and their equivalent target texts, and recover related segments when translating new texts. The translation memory is simply a database containing the source language segment and its translation. This system makes it possible for us to build a term base assigned to a given client, maintain terminological consistency in all the documents translated and offer growing discounts for subsequent orders.

We have a proven team and offer substantial language support for clients active in the following economic sectors:

Translation for power engineering
Translation for telecommunications
Translation for automation
Translation for mechanics
Translation for construction
Translation for automotive
Translation for petroleum industry
Translation for agriculture
Translation for chemistry
Translation for pharmacy
Translation of patent descriptions
Translation for IT

Simultaneously, we are developing another, equally important area of our activity, which is specialist translations for law firms and business. We provide the highest level of service in the following areas:
Translation for medicine
Legal translation
Translation for finance

Another translation specialisation, which is an important area of our activity, is:
Translation for marketing