Translation for automotive

Translation for the automotive industry

ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency provides technical translations concerning the construction and operation of components used in the automotive industry. We translate and update the catalogues of automotive parts. We have translated large volumes of training materials on the design, function and regulation of numerous control system components for motor vehicles, semi-trailers and trailers. Our clients include manufacturers of automotive parts and subcontractors of major automotive companies producing automatic transmissions, suspensions, portal bridges, retarders, axial and hydrodynamic gears, cooling systems, starting clutches, articulated shafts, hydraulic pumps, gears, bevel gears, control systems, valves and electrohydraulic cylinders.

Examples of translated documents:

  • Tyre fitting instructions
  • Car body assembly certificates
  • ADS descriptions
  • Catalogue of brake components
  • Report on the shock absorber market survey
  • Description of the new chassis inspection system
  • Description of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system
  • Approval certificates for run-flat tyres
  • Auxiliary systems for heavy trailers
  • Technical specifications of twin-axle trailers
  • Brake pad and disc market analysis
  • User manual of the collision avoidance system
  • Technical specifications for the wheel flange lubrication system
  • V6 engine management system specifications
  • Installation instructions for twin-pipe gas shock absorbers
  • Offer request to automotive spare part distributors
  • Specifications of the HVAC control system for motor vehicles
  • Technical specification of tankers for road transport of liquid cargo
  • Technical specifications of air suspension for SUVs
  • Offer to build a showroom and service station for trailers and trucks
  • Overview of power steering components for passenger cars
  • Overview of standard trailer series with conventional air suspension
  • Manufacturer’s declaration of technical data of trailers and their conformity with the relevant directives
  • Marketing materials about Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 cars
  • Tests of the shunting locomotive for driving safety and dynamic characteristics of the gear system
  • Training materials on the ECAS system for motor vehicles, trucks and trailers