Translation for IT

Translation for the information industry

The offer of ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency includes localisation of IT products. We translate texts contained in software and IT systems. The specific feature of such materials is the widespread use of direct borrowings from English. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt software manuals, descriptions of structure and applications of IT systems, interface specifications, computer games, antivirus programs, e-learning platforms and websites to the needs of users who are not fluent in English. We also cooperate on a permanent basis with a large supplier of Endpoint Management solutions and network security management systems, providing them with the highest quality translations of information and marketing materials and press releases.

Selected examples of IT translations:

  • IT outsourcing report
  • IT audit report
  • Network software offer
  • Hosting package descriptions
  • Spyware installation procedures
  • Description of NIR analysis software
  • Operation manual of software for the paper creasing and folding machine
  • Description of firewall configuration
  • Web interface manual
  • Manual of the digital dental photography software
  • X-ray scanner software configuration manual