Translation for mechanics

Translation in the field of mechanical engineering

ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency accompanies its clients from the first days of building new production plants. We had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of documentation for the construction of new facilities and lines. At that time, we were not only involved in translating not only the entire construction documentation, but also the documents related to the purchase and operation of machines, production line commissioning, operation and maintenance manuals, training materials for mechanics and master electricians, machine construction descriptions and reports on material strength tests. Our technical translations facilitate daily operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Translated texts in the field of mechanical engineering:

  • Service reports
  • Analysis of the sweeper’s stability
  • Technical description of the circulation pump
  • Installation and commissioning of cardan shafts
  • Comparative analysis of the drive system technology
  • Description of the pumping unit with controller
  • Biogas plant start-up manual
  • Piston air compressors. User manual
  • Maintenance bulletin for piston hydraulic accumulators
  • Leakage test report on pressure vessel components
  • Description of balancing of the rigid rotor with clearance between the bearing and casing
  • Technical manual for the maintenance of the screw feeder
  • Technical assessment of a pellet burner in combination with a steel boiler, type CNK
  • Modern conveyor belt drives with hydrodynamic couplings
  • Technical analysis of modernisation of the dust blower system in the recovery boiler
  • Description of the concrete block machine with a complete process circuit
  • Assembly instructions of shut-off valves for use in heating, cooling and water supply systems
  • Requirements for hydrokinetic couplings for modernisation of the drive systems in opencast mining machinery and equipment