Translation for power engineering

Translation for the power generation and electrical industry

ATT Translation Agency has gathered experience in the field of translation for electricity and power engineering for many years. Translations for heat and power plants introducing modern flue gas cleaning solutions occupy a prominent place in the list of our projects. We also translate documentation of electrical tools and equipment, specifications, contracts and tender offers for energy producers and distributors. We cooperate on a permanent basis with one of the largest manufacturers of low and high voltage electric motors, as well as with one of the largest manufacturers of power transformers in Europe. For these clients we translate operation and maintenance manuals (OMM) into English, German, French, Russian and Italian.

Examples of translations for the power generation and electrical industry:

  • Catalogue of power transformers
  • Report of transformer inspection
  • Technical description of railway switchgears
  • Protocol of assessment of the transformer’s technical condition
  • Description of the modernisation of the municipal heating system – technical translation into French
  • Concept for the reconstruction of the DH part of the CHP plant
  • Operation and maintenance manual of the three-phase induction motor
  • Documentation for modernisation of fluidised bed boilers
  • Design of turbine adaptation to the heat and condensation mode
  • Operation manual of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester
  • Report on chromatographic analysis of gases dissolved in transformer oil
  • Offer for delivery of distribution transformers for the flue gas desulphurisation plant
  • Design for conversion of a pulverised coal fired boiler into a stationary fluidised bed boiler
  • Design of a new biomass boiler to increase renewable electricity production
  • Tender dossier for tidal power plant
  • Description of technical parameters of the back-up transformer for emergency power supply to a CHP plant in case of power failure
  • Description of the construction project and construction and assembly works of the biomass management system for the BFB (fluidised bed, biomass-fired) boiler to be used in a CHP plant
  • Operating instructions for the conservator tank with an oil separator in hermetic transformers