Translation of patent descriptions

Translation of patents

We translate patent descriptions from English and German. Patent translations require special attention, imagination, knowledge, as well as good cooperation and efficient coordination between the technical translator and proofreader. These requirements result, on the one hand, from innovativeness of the technical issues described in the patent documentation and, on the other hand, from legal function of patent descriptions. Our chief focus in patent translations is chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and mechanical engineering. Other fields of science include electronics, construction, precision mechanics and automotive.

Some examples of patent descriptions that we translated:

  • Description of the invention concerning endoparasiticidal agents for local application
  • Description of the invention concerning complexes of active substances with a synergistic fungicidal effect
  • Description of the invention concerning pharmaceutical preparations of oxaliplatin for parenteral administration
  • Description of an invention relating to a differential system which is part of the differential and is intended specifically for use in the drive train of a vehicle
  • Description of the invention relating to wireless communication, in particular the method and devices for reconfiguring the parameters of the RLC layer during the connection
  • Description of the invention relating to the suspension polymerisation of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and in particular the use of an improved additional protective colloid in the process
  • Description of the invention concerning the energy-efficient distillation process of separation of aqueous amine solutions formed during the catalytic hydrogenation of nitroaromates
  • Description of the invention of an automatic transmission control device for use in vehicles and the method of detection of the synchronisation point for use in this device