Translations Bulgarian – Polish

Translation agency – Bulgarian

A professional translation agency can be recognised by the fact that it is prepared to carry out orders also from languages that are less popular and less frequently used in international circulation of documents. One of them is Bulgarian. Therefore, if a client needs to translate a manual, contract, medical leaflet, website content or advertising catalogue from Bulgarian into Polish or from Polish into Bulgarian – we as ATT INTERWERS are ready to instantly prepare an offer to meet these needs.

This is possible due to the fact that we have been using proven procedures for years, starting from recruitment of translators, through the use of modern tools supporting and coordinating the translation process, meticulous proofreading of the translated text and ending with a clear and transparent financial settlement of the delivered projects.

In the case of large translation projects into Bulgarian, we cooperate with our foreign partners for whom it is their mother tongue. As a result, we guarantee the highest quality translation, which not only meets purely linguistic requirements of correct grammar, style or spelling, but also is prepared by people who know the history, culture and current socio-economic situation in Bulgaria.