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Translation agency – Czech

The language of one of our two southern neighbours is increasingly used in business relations between Polish and Czech manufacturing companies. For some time now, ATT INTERWERS has been observing a significant increase in the turnover of orders for translating texts from Polish into Czech and from Czech into Polish. The majority of the translations we provide for our clients in this language combination are technical texts for manufacturing companies, mainly for large corporations of the food, automotive or petrochemical industries, the branches and subsidiaries of which are based in both Poland and the Czech Republic.

Each order adds to our experience, which allows us to provide translations of ever higher quality. We have established permanent cooperation with professional Czech translators working in Poland. We entrust some of the translations in this language combination to our Czech business partners, who make sure that they meet the highest standards. Specialists with experience in a given technical, scientific or legal field are selected for each translation project. We rely on translators who are ready to continuously improve their translation skills and are open to modern IT solutions that are used in translations and proofreading.

The following are the texts we frequently translate from and into Czech: product catalogues, advertising materials, publications intended for the trade press, scientific articles, legal agreements and commercial contracts, customs documents, provisions of the Czech law and various types of technical documents.