Translations English – Polish

Translation agency – English

Translations from and into English are obviously the overwhelming majority of our orders. Since we have the largest number of specialist translators and the best qualified team of proofreaders of this language, there are virtually no limitations with regard to the field of translation or the possibility of completing very extensive projects in a very short time.

Our knowledge and many years of experience allow us to responsibly undertake translations from and into English from various fields of technology and law.

Technical translation – English

The portfolio of our technical translations from and into English is very diverse. We most often translate for industries such as power engineering, mechanics, industrial automation and control, automotive, production of cars and parts, telecommunications, construction, architecture, production of building materials, petroleum and chemical industry, agriculture, medicine and pharmacy. We undertake the most ambitious translation projects covering comprehensive technical documentation, technical descriptions, structural calculations, mathematical formulas, cost estimates, schedules, descriptions of drawings and tables. The scope of our competences, skills and experience gained during 22 years of operation includes investment, process, construction, scientific and technical documentation.

As a technical translation agency, we support our clients in preparing, updating and verifying technical documentation necessary for implementation of projects, keeping facilities in a perfect technical condition, production of goods, maintenance of technological lines.

Legal translation – English

We also translate contracts and other legal documents – court judgements, procedural documents, certificates, administrative decisions – the originals of which have been created in English. Such documents are written in a very specific way. Only a translator who thoroughly knows and understands the concepts described is able to correctly translate a legal document into Polish; an additional difficulty here is the need to know the differences between the legal systems of Anglo-Saxon countries and the Polish system.

Due to increasing globalisation, in the world of multinational corporations, most texts on banking and finance are also written in English. This can be a challenge for translators and proofreaders. In case of such translations, it is necessary to know the differences between the Polish and international financial reporting and accounting standards, as the format of documents such as the profit and loss account or balance sheet is not identical.

Specialist translations – English

English is the language of world science. Most reports on new technologies, international patent applications, clinical research reports, professional literature and press, international standards – such texts are usually only available in English. These are probably the most difficult specialist translations we encounter in our practice. A translator of English working on this type of document can usually find little information in publicly available sources, because the inventions or technologies described are very new. An English-Polish translator must have a thorough understanding of the subject, and in some cases even develop the necessary terminology. This type of work is highly conceptual and largely falls outside the framework of traditionally understood technical translation.

An equally difficult task is to translate from English into Polish and vice versa in marketing and advertising. The process of translating such texts requires from the translator not only full mastery of the language, but also comprehensive knowledge, a sense of cultural differences, the ability to keep an eye on the changes taking place in the world and a creative approach to the created content. The key to successful marketing translations lies in the knowledge of the industry in which the client operates, understanding of their needs and expectations, as well as in-depth knowledge of the potential target text recipient. Our customers are perfectly aware that advertising and promotional materials of offered products and services are crucial for running their companies, that the proper choice of words, terms, phrases or idioms is of particular importance here. We know how to translate these thoughts into foreign languages so that the target text sounds natural and authentic, ensuring the client’s full satisfaction.