Translations German – Polish

Translation agency – German

Translations from Polish into German and from German into Polish constitute an important element of the everyday work of ATT INTERWERS. Not only do we employ the best German translators – both in Poland and in Germany – but also permanent employees who proofread and verify all translations from Polish into German and vice versa. When translating documents into German, we often opt for native speakers. Texts translated by persons living permanently in the German-speaking environment are distinguished by natural syntax and phrasing – the language “sounds native”, is free from errors arising from literal understanding of a given phrase and loan translations, which are quite difficult to avoid in case of Poles translating into a foreign language, even if their language skills are proficient.

Technical translation – German

German is extremely common in technical sciences and industry. Almost every day in our business activity we translate technical documentation from German into Polish. We specialize in technical fields such as construction and architecture, land development plans, valuation surveys, automotive industry, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, chemical industry, IT, medicine and pharmacy, electronics, power engineering, electrical and food industry. Our experienced German proofreaders use translation support software, thanks to which the documents translated by us retain their original layout, industry-specific vocabulary and complete coherence of the content.

Legal translation – German

Legal documents, i.e. contracts, statutes, resolutions and notarial deeds, constitute a significant part of translations from German into Polish and from Polish into German. Translation of tender documents, inquiries and business correspondence are an important element of our daily work. We also have a hand in the process of implementation of modern technologies on the Polish market in the form of providing translations of patent descriptions from German, mainly within the field of mechanics and construction.

As a translation agency, we provide services to our clients. These services consist in enabling them to effectively and reliably communicate technical and business content in Polish and German. Many years of experience have proved that in relations with our business partners from Germany, unambiguous principles, transparent procedures, trust and adherence to commitments – all of which we included in our mission – are beneficial to each party. Life has shown that this is the best, because the most natural, basis for business ethics. We have consciously implemented this policy; it is written down in the text of our mission. In doing so, we were guided by models that can be encountered in the German economic culture, where work, responsibility, reliability and timeliness are crucial. These are also the values which we follow in our daily translation work.