Translations Greek – Polish

Translation agency – Greek

Technical translations from Greek are rare, however, ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency has made every effort to establish useful relationships with Greek translators specializing in the technical field (medical, pharmaceutical, chemical translations). We are one of the few agencies that undertake to deliver translations of patient information leaflets for parallel import companies. In case of this language combination, proper verification of translators and translation agencies located in Greece is of key importance for the quality of the services provided by them. The most important business values for all these entities the most important should be reliability, accuracy, credibility and punctuality.

The process of completion of an order from Greek into Polish and from Polish into Greek is similar to other language combinations. The most important thing is to select the right translator for the documents entrusted to us. Having done that, we set a price and order delivery date which would be attractive for the client. As usual, an experienced project manager supervises the process of order completion.

More and more often, we are contacted by clients want to translate their commercial and transport documentation, certificates, attestations or product catalogues.