Translations Russian – Polish

Translation agency – Russian

Technical translations into Russian and from Russian into Polish occupy an important position among the services provided by ATT INTERWERS. This is due to the fact that we can properly evaluate and select the best Russian translators working in Poland, Russia and Ukraine, but also Latvia and Estonia. Russian belongs to the group of East Slavic languages. About 145 million people use it as their first language, hence the high demand for translation in this language combination. Technical and legal translations from Russian into Polish and from Polish into Russian – their subject matter, frequency and thematic continuity of subsequent orders, and, last but not least, the amount of turnover – somehow reflect the geopolitical situation of Poland and Russia.

Technical translations – Russian

As far as translations from and into Russian are concerned, we specialize in the following branches of industry: construction, electrical, chemical and food industry. Our services are often requested by long-standing suppliers of the Russian heavy industry and fuel and energy as well as suppliers from the agriculture sector. A large number of translations into Russian we provide for companies are documents concerning: agricultural machinery, transformers for the mining industry, generators, traction engines and construction materials.

Apart from Polish companies maintaining the long-established relationship with Russian raw material companies – which in turn are the recipients of Polish agricultural produce, equipment and machinery for agriculture and mining industry –- recently there have been more and more ventures on the market in various fields of technology, for example in the IT and telecommunications sector.

All translated documents are proofread by the employees of our internal proofreading department, who make sure that the translation is delivered on time, the content is complete and the writing style is harmonious with the nature of the text.

Quickly and proficiently translated technical documentation and commercial agreements accelerate the establishment and help in successful maintenance of business relations between numerous Polish and Russian companies.