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ATT INTERWERS translates from Polish into Slovak and from Slovak into Polish mainly documents related to the petroleum industry – oil processing, biofuel production – and the agri-food sector. You are welcome to see the recommendations we have received from our clients – all of them well-known companies producing machines, car parts, motors, transformers, electromechanical drive systems and other systems and devices – for technical translations we provided for them.

These types of translations require in-depth knowledge, experience and appropriate skills. The translations from and into Slovakian are essential for our clients not only in their daily business activity, but also for conquering new markets. We are fully aware of our responsibility for the words we use. Therefore, all translations undergo several stages of proofreading before they are finally accepted.

Usually for our clients we translate legal agreements and commercial contracts, financial documentation, advertising and training materials, websites, product catalogues, manuals and various guarantees, certificates and declarations.