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The Swedish language is spoken by approximately 9 million people who live mainly in Sweden. Translations from Scandinavian languages, including those from Swedish into Polish and from Polish into Swedish, are particularly difficult and demanding due to the limited availability of translators. In order to find and reliably verify Swedish translators, a professional translation agency must have knowledge, the ability to assess their declared language skills, as well as considerable experience in the translation market. Also in this respect, the client can count on the professional approach of ATT INTERWERS, so we can offer the highest quality translations from Swedish into Polish and from Polish into Swedish.

We provide both standard and certified translations. We perform specialist translations in the fields of technology, law, finance, economics, marketing and medicine. Due to high standards of work we are able to offer our clients translations of scientific and press articles, websites, business correspondence as well as training and marketing materials. At customer request we are able to provide express service.