Translations Ukrainian – Polish

Translation agency – Ukrainian

Commercial documents constitute a large part of business translations from Polish into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Polish. Our translations within this field are delivered very quickly and the translators always show great insight, commitment and diligence. Translation from and into Ukrainian requires not only perfect knowledge of the language, but also an excellent understanding of the culture and situation of both countries. These type of documents also require from the translator a certain level of proficiency and something which may be called “a feel for language” – almost the skills of a professional writer. Only then are they able to translate the content of the original text as well as convey and communicate the main idea to a recipient who does not know the source language. Our translators from and into Ukrainian possess all these features and are ready to deliver translations in express modes, while maintaining a high level of service.

As far as this language combination is concerned, ATT INTERWERS most often translates contracts for the sale of consumer goods or building materials and the delivery documents for these goods, waybills, customs declarations and safety data sheets. Equally frequently we translate registration documents of Polish companies establishing their subsidiaries in Ukraine, which are often followed by various reports from research on Ukrainian raw materials and commodity markets. We also provide sworn translations in the aforementioned language combination.