Standard mode


It is one of the most popular modes and the most frequently chosen one by our clients. When we start processing the order in this mode, we thoroughly analyse the documents provided to us. As a result of the verification, we select a translator with proper experience and a proofreader who work on the translation as a team. The final result of this work is a meticulously crafted document translation, verified in terms of substantive and linguistic correctness: spelling, stylistics and punctuation. The documents that require such an aproach are: patent descriptions, theses, scientific articles, as well as summaries of professional scientific accomplishments. Special care and time are also required when translating medical documents such as descriptions of medical procedures, clinical trial reports, medicinal product monographs or hospital discharge summary reports. Marketing materials also require the right approach, the understanding of the context, together with the knowledge of who the end user of the translated text is. They are our clients’ business cards, presenting their values and ideas.