Łódź, 2.07.2012


The cooperation of IZODOM 2000 POLSKA sp. z o.o. with ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency is perfect from the very first contact and exemplary execution of the translation sample of our highly specialized technical descriptions and certification documents. The lost formwork technology, which we offer on markets all over the EU and beyond, is quite an innovative solution, which means that the correct translation of texts about it requires not only knowledge of a foreign language, but also construction knowledge and the ability to select or propose appropriate terms, as these are often not derived from Polish expressions and are not subject to direct translation. ATT translates texts and selects appropriate terms in an exceptionally accurate manner. At ATT.PL we translate very complicated technology descriptions, instructions, certification documents, advertising and legal materials, each time being fully satisfied. The best confirmation of quality is the recognition of translation quality in the eyes of our foreign customers. The presented quality of the translation was and is exceptionally good and evidently better than that of competing translation agencies. The quality of texts translated by ATT.PL Technical Translations Agency has not turned out to be a one-off effort, it has been maintained at a high level for many years and, in the opinion of IZODOM, it distinguishes ATT.PL Translation Agency very positively from the whole Polish market of translation services for companies. For years we have been using only the services of ATT.PL, even though we have a number of employees who speak foreign languages fluently. Additionally, punctuality, nice service, and help with quite difficult language issues (translations into Turkish or technical and legal documentation from Iranian – farsi) makes us recommend ATT.PL services to everyone!

Izodom 2000 Polska Sp. z o.o. – manufacturer of building materials for passive construction

Yours sincerely,
Jakub Wójcik

Export Director
0048 502 283 309

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