Written Translation

Technical and legal translation with quality guarantee

ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency delivers specialized translations in all fields of technology, science and law in most European languages. We provide services only for companies and institutions.

Our areas of expertise include technology, law, accounting and finance, medicine, marketing and certified translation. The types of texts that we translate range from product catalogues, product information leaflets and operation manuals, through contracts, financial statements and notary deeds, up to press releases and websites.

What is meant by technical translation is intellectual work on a specialized text, completed by an individual translator or a team of translators and a proofreader or team of proofreaders. The process involves transfer of the technical or legal content from a source language into a target language.

A factor of key importance for translation quality is the right choice of translators. They must be experts in the relevant fields, i.e. they must possess adequate knowledge of the subject, know specific terminology and be able to use it in a correct and consistent manner. Often it is necessary to discuss key terminology with the Client, so that industry- or company-specific vocabulary or even jargon is used in the target text. In the next step, a translated text is verified by the Proofreading Department for its content, form and language.

As the last stage, all the texts and images are arranged according to the document’s original layout. It is an extra service that is performed at the Client’s request, in particular for files that feature technical figures, charts or tables. The ultimate goal is to create a document that corresponds on a 1:1 basis to the source text.