Certified translation of bilingual invoices

Authenticated translation of bilingual invoices

ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency receives orders for sworn translations of invoices drawn up in two foreign languages. Our clients need to submit them in tax offices, courts or customs offices.

Did you know that in such case you do not have to pay twice for translation of the same document? Let us assume that we are dealing with an invoice that is issued in Germany, on a German-language form, but was completed in English. The relevant public administration office where the invoice will be presented will request a translation of the full text. The first way to avoid translating the same invoice twice – from German and from English – is to prior ensure that all the texts on the invoice are written in two languages, and not just randomly – some in German and some in English. Such care pays off, and usually costs nothing. The second way is to ensure that the invoice is issued in one language only.

The same applies to issuing invoices: you should always ensure that the document includes all the required elements in each of the languages that are used in it. We as a translation agency, when issuing an invoice for our foreign client, make sure that every word is translated into their language. The invoice is then fully bilingual.