How to choose a translation agency

Successful selection of a translation agency

ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency has been operating in Warsaw and Łódź since 1998. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been close to the idea of putting oneself in the place of a business client and evaluating the products and services we offer from their point of view. However, for such an approach to be feasible, one needs to be prepared to see things in the right proportions and relationships. Of course, imagination is essential, but experience is also very useful. Today, in 2020, we can say that as a translation agency we already have such experience. During many years of our activity in the technical translation industry we have met many people, several hundred companies, thousands of cases and translated several hundred thousand pages of specialist texts into various European languages. Our qualified and experienced staff has helped us achieve our business objectives. And it is not only about translators, although they are associated with translation in the first place. However, business clients are primarily interested in results, not background. They know from their own experience that behind every product or service provided in an efficient and reliable way there is always an excellent organisational structure and high quality human and equipment resources. As in other industries, full professionalism, i.e. a good product, can only be offered by an organisation that meets all the requirements, has the staff and adequate facilities and equipment, as well as applies the procedures necessary to always guarantee quality, timeliness and a wide range of products at a reasonable price. ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency is able to deliver to the client what they really need – high quality specialist translations in flexible modes.

Our strengths:

  • proven management staff, who decide on the form of the agency’s offer and selection of employees and contractors
  • experienced in-house reviewers as a key element in the service quality management system
  • a wide range of long-term contractors: translators, graphic designers, IT specialists and printers
  • hardware and software to support the translation and management of large translation projects
  • business experience and understanding of customer needs
  • good relations with experienced translation agencies across Europe.

These organisational achievements of ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency since 1998 result from our conscious approach to business ethics, with the following principles that we have always cherished as the most important:

  • respect for the work and achievements of the client
  • precise business response to specific customer needs
  • respect for the work of all colleagues and recognition of the particular importance of the human factor in the translation industry
  • transparent quoting
  • clear settlement rules
  • specialisation in technical and business translations
  • focus on translation (excluding interpretation)
  • organisational flexibility.