How to place an order?

Getting in touch and quotation

Beginning of cooperation: Please, send us a request for quotation including registration data and contact details to your company and a request for quotation.
An employee from the Customer Service Department will contact you as soon as possible. They will ask about the amount of text to be translated, language combination, format of documents, the expected date of translation and about possible additional services – such as the composition of the translated text, DTP and printout. Alternatively, you may be asked to send the material for a quotation. In response to a request for the quotation sent by e-mail and on the basis of information obtained during a telephone or e-mail conversation, you will receive comprehensive information on the terms and conditions of providing a specific translation service, together with the quotation. In addition to responding to your specific request, you will also receive a standard price list containing definitions of units, description of translation modes and other conditions of service.

How to confirm an order?

A Customer receives a filled-out order form for the translation. We only ask you to check the entries on the form as well as the dates and mode of translation. The signed order form should be sent back via e-mail of fax.

What is included on the translation order form?

The form includes all information agreed and necessary for the translation:

    • a reminder of the necessity to send back the signed order form
    • date of order placement
    • translation delivery date
    • translation mode
    • source language
    • target language(s)
    • number of actual pages (in paper or in a given document)
    • adress(es) / e-mail address(es) to which we should deliver the translated documents
    • order topic, i.e. the names of source documents/files
    • information whether DTP services or preparing for print will be required
    • other information important for the Customer ot ATT Interwers concerning the circumstances and conditions of providing a given service
    • name of the ordering person
    • registration details of the ordering person for invoicing purposes
    • other legal and contractual conditions for providing translation services
    • details of our agency
    • place for signature of the ordering person

    The order form is a confirmation that we received your enquiry as well as the acceptance of the proposed translation conditions. In case you do not receive an order form, it means we did not receive your enquiry or our spam filter has blocked it. In this case, please call us in order to receive the translation within a time required by you.
    To the benefit of both of our companies, please always sign the order form and send them to us.

    The order is closed once the translated document(s) are sent to the Customer and settled in our invoicing system.