Your benefits

Translations for business

We want to encourage our clients to be open in presenting their own business needs, ideas and plans and to trust us and share what actions you intend to take in your company in the future, to the extent that we, as a translation agency, could be useful to you.

So what can you ask for in order to benefit even more from our cooperation?

  • preparation of a company term base in foreign languages on the basis of materials provided
  • edition translated marketing materials
  • preparation of an excerpt from the foreign press on a subject of interest to the Client
  • preparation of a short note about the basic elements of the content of the document, instead of a full translation
  • translation of texts needed “immediately”
  • translation of texts needed “as soon as possible”
  • preparation of a map/access plan to the company in a foreign language
  • preparation of a graphic design of the translated materialWe are open to your ideas, we try to be creative and fulfill our mission as a service company.