Working as a Translator

Work for ATT INTERWERS Polish Technical Translations Agency

Highly qualified translators and proofreaders
ATT INTERWERS Polish Technical Translations Agency is looking for translators of European languages. We are interested in employing highly experienced professionals but we also look forward to cooperation with young people having no or little experience in translation with excellent command of a foreign language and unique skills as well as professional knowledge of a particular field of study. For young translators we can offer assistance in directing their career as well development of language and translation skills. Graduates of foreign language studies with no technical education background are required to provide confirmation of their actual knowledge and skills within another area.

Recruitment process
The recruitment process for future ATT INTERWERS translators consists of a number of stages. After receiving a résumé and a cover letter of a translator-to-be, we review his/her documents evaluating the possibilities of using his/her skills in terms of our needs. In the next step the candidate fills out our standard application form. The next stage involves preparing a sample translation of a text matching the translator’s skills and areas specified in the application form. The candidate has 24 hours to complete the above task. The texts are then checked and evaluated by our Proofreading Department in terms of consistency with the original, language and style of translation. In the final stage the translators who pass the above recruitment test are offered to sign a cooperation agreement.

It is worth mentioning that the employed translators of ATT INTERWERS, apart from perfect knowledge of the foreign language, possess specialized skills in a given area of study due to their education background or their employment experience. Our translators include people with excellent knowledge of a foreign language specializing and/or educated in at least one of the following fields: mechanics, IT, telecommunications, automation, automotive industry, law, power and electricity, medicine, physics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, machine construction, finance, economy, marketing, banking, technology; as well as people with other academic degrees.

How to become a translator