Translation quality control

All translations delivered by ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency are proofread. The texts translated from English, German, French and Russian into Polish and from Polish into English, German, French and Russian are verified by members of the in-house Proofreading Department. In case of other languages, this task is entrusted to similar teams at our tried-and-tested partner agencies in relevant countries. As a result, the Customer can be always 100% sure that nothing in the quality control process is left to chance.

All professional proofreaders follow a set of procedures which allow to make sure that the final version of the translated document fully reflects the source text in terms of content and meaning, and is correct as far as language, style and terminology is concerned. Text adequacy is verified in the context of its intended use and target group. The Customer’s requirements in terms of format are also taken into account (Excel charts, PowerPoint presentations, graphical layout of .pdf files, tags in .xml files, etc.). The final step involves creating term bases (TB) for particular Customers which can be used in the future in order to ensure the usage of the same terminology within all texts received from one Customer.

The adopted, carefully thought-out model of cooperation between in-house proofreaders and outsourced translators allows us to create a measurable value for the Customer. With each text, translators and proofreaders get to each know each other better. Due to exchange of information and feedback between the parties, both of them are able to refine their skills and take successive steps in their professional development. As a result, translators understand the requirements they should meet in terms of quality, and proofreaders, while learning useful tricks of the translator’s trade, become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of particular persons. Due to that, when it comes to the analysis of the source text, we are able to select the translator whose profile is most suitable for each project. It is a major determinant of successful completion of each project.