DTP Department

There is more to translation than text

Regular translation services provided by ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency are supplemented by professional Desktop Publishing.

The translation is usually prepared in text editors, i.e. software which allows for simple editing of text. Such editors do not allow for working with graphics such as editing a text located within an image, thus special graphics software is used for this type of tasks. In order to work with a document including graphics which is to look the same as the source document, first we work in a text editor, while the final stage involves working in DTP software (InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop). This consists in separation of graphics and text and removal of the text in the source language from the technical drawings, diagrams, tables etc. The next step includes preparing a template which reflects the original. The translated text is then entered into the template to form a new language version. As the final result, the Customer receives a document which is identical as the original document in terms of graphics and proper layout of text. In many cases we are even able to improve the quality of coloured images, background or blurred photographs of the original document, thus creating a better overall result.

After processing catalogues, leaflets and other marketing materials, we are also able to prepare them in the manner required by the Customer’s printing shop. We can also take over the entire publishing process, from translation to printing.

Advantages for the Customer resulting from integration of translation and DTP services:

  • direct linguistic co-ordination of graphical elements in various versions
  • quick processing of graphics in the new version
  • introduction of possible changes at any moment, at the Customer’s request
  • very attractive prices.

We have the latest, fully professional Adobe Creative Suite software, which provides us with great flexibility and versatility in selecting the solutions best suited to the character of the document.