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Services – Competences

We mainly specialise in written technical, legal and marketing translation in many language combinations. We provide translations of machine manuals, technical and operational documentation, contracts, tender offers, patent descriptions, financial statements, advertising folders and many more. We support our clients in preparing multilingual documents of strategic importance for the functioning of their businesses. We can also provide additional services such as the composition of the text and graphics.

Our choice of specialization has enabled us to develop a set of best practices, thanks to which we offer our clients comprehensive, yet individualised translation services tailored to their needs.

Our mission constitutes a real reference point for our daily work and express the genuine professional aspirations of the entire ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency team. Thanks to a defined and consciously accepted system of business values, we can smoothly fulfil our goals and promises. We are able to meet the criterion of communicativeness by continuous exchange of information and learning about the needs and requirements of our partners. Each stage of the order process is accompanied by a efficient flow of information between the client and our agency. We are equally committed to creating the best possible channels of communication within the company. The transparency of our translations offer, procedures and commercial documents is an expression of our care for the time and work comfort of our clients. The timeliness of our work is a matter of course and our customers needs are always our top priority. Respect for our clients scientific, organisational and technical achievements constitutes the basis of our business ethics: we know from our experience with many companies to which we provide translation services, as well as from our own, how much effort, knowledge and resourcefulness it takes to create a well-functioning business entity.

This set of criteria has been our constant reference since 1998. At the same time, we constantly adjust provision of our services to the changing requirements of the business reality, introducing new technologies and modern management systems. The quality of service and products is ensured by our employees, built on the basis of values such as diligence, timeliness, responsibility and the ability to cooperate. This allowed us gain a group of regular customers who understand and share our philosophy – which is confirmed by both daily cooperation and a special form of recognition, which are our recommendations.