Proofreading Department

Proofreading department – translation quality control

All translations delivered by ATT INTERWERS Technical Translations Agency are proofread. The texts translated from English, German, French and Russian into Polish and from Polish into English, German, French and Russian are verified by members of the in-house Proofreading Department. In case of other languages, this task is entrusted to similar teams at our tried-and-tested partner agencies in relevant countries. As a result, the Customer can be always 100% sure that nothing in the quality control process is left to chance.

Our in-house professional proofreaders follow a set of procedures which allow to make sure that the final version of the translated document fully reflects the source text in terms of content and meaning, and is correct as far as language, style and terminology is concerned. Text adequacy is verified in the context of its intended use and target group. The Proofreading Department is responsible for checking the linguistic and substantive correctness of translated documents. Each text we receive from the Client for translation is analyzed in detail in order to determine its subject matter and field. Based on this analysis, we select a translator. The database of ATT INTERWERS translators allows us to quickly find the right person for the job. The selected translator then sends finished document back to us. In the Proofreading Department the stylistic and linguistic correctness of the text is checked and necessary corrections to spelling and punctuation are made. Our in-house proofreaders take care of the completeness and timeliness of translations and check the substantive correctness of the document: whether the terminology used is in conformity with the approved nomenclature, then they create a term base (TB), consult the vocabulary with a sufficient number of specialist translators and, if necessary, with the client.

The Proofreading Department is equipped with IT translation tools, manages translation projects, provides multilingual translations, and remotely controls translators working in a group as part of a translation project.