DTP Services

Desktop Publishing

ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency provides professional layout and typesetting services of the translated text and images. These are additional services, complementary to the translation as such. Graphic design of the translated documents is always done using professional graphics editors and typesetting software. It involves separation of text from graphic elements and removing the original language version from technical drawings, charts, diagrams and tables. Then a coherent matrix of common formal features is prepared for the entire document, to be filled in with the target text and images. As a result, the customer receives a document in which the layout of the text and graphics is compatible with the original. Both the source and target material are identical in terms of text content and images, and the only discrepancy is several percent change in volume resulting from different lengths of both language versions.

In many cases, when editing text and graphics, elements such as varying colours of background under the text layer or blurred images are subject to additional processing to improve final quality. On request, we can also introduce any modifications, e.g. swap images, delete pages, insert additional rows into the tables. Our experienced staff in charge of DTP services guarantees that the final result will fully meet the customer’s expectations.

Please send us any inquiries. We are looking forward to preparing a quote for you.