Proofreading, i.e. review and editing of text

One of the key standards of work on translation is proofreading. We believe that providing texts not verified by a proofreader, i.e. sending technical and legal translations directly from a translator to a client, is a quality deficiency that does not represent a saving, as it always impairs the quality of the translated document. ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency does not charge additional fees for proofreading. It therefore brings an added value for the customer. This stage of work, though sometimes overlooked, is the most important benefit the customer receives. Our commitment to proofreading all translated documents distinguishes a professional translation agency from an individual translator or a translation agency that does not employ in-house reviewers.

Translation proofreading process

Comprehensive review consists in checking the text sent by the translator for completeness as well as substantive and linguistic (grammatical, spelling and stylistic) correctness. At this stage, any deficiencies and mistakes in the text prepared by the translator can be eliminated.
At ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency, the process is managed by the in-house Proofreading Department. We also work with outsourced proofreaders who translate and review translations in their native languages.