Translated languages

Offered language combinations

ATT Translation Agency specializes in technical translations from and into all European languages. We employ proofreaders, who work at the seat of our company and who are also managers of multilingual translation projects. We cooperate with more than 140 freelance translators of various languages.

Language group A

It is not difficult to guess that the “modern Latin” – that is English – is the most frequently translated language in Poland and Europe. Orders for technical translations from and into English account for over 70% of all translations provided by ATT INTERWERS. The second place in the number of orders is occupied by translations from and into German. French is the third of the most frequently translated languages in our company.

Language group B

In language group B all the remaining European languages. We can observe significant differences in the number of orders and translation prices within this group. The number of translation orders placed by our clients reflects the economic strength of individual European regions. ATT INTERWERS cooperates on a permanent basis with numerous subcontractors from all over Europe providing services within the field of translation. Our partners guarantee the highest quality of translated documents as well as professional proofreading services.

Language group C

Recently, our offer has expanded (which was perfectly natural) and now includes some non-European languages, such as Arabic, Turkish or Chinese. This way, we have adapted to the new needs of our clients who are expanding their businesses and conquering new markets. While providing these services we rely on contacts with proven and selected non-European translation agencies.