Translations French – Polish

Translation agency – French

ATT INTERWERS carefully selects professional translators who translate texts from French into Polish and from Polish into French. However, the number of such translators is very limited and varies, depending on the branch of industry. This language combination requires not only special linguistic skills and particular attentiveness to words, but also something which may be called linguistic intelligence. Thankfully, our agency employs an experienced and trusted French proofreader who verifies all translated documents with regard to their stylistic accuracy, spelling and punctuation.

Specialist translations – French

We provide translations from and into French of documents in the following fields: mechanics and industrial automation, construction, automotive industry, electrical industry, electronics, power engineering, steel and glass industry, telecommunications, chemical and food industry.
In Poland, French is used in companies with French capital and French-speaking members of the board. To answer the needs of these companies and their employees, our agency provides translations of: board reports, financial records, memorandums, business correspondence, presentations, cost estimates, responses to inquiries, business plans, reports and letters of intent.
Equally often, we translate from French into Polish and vice versa various types of contracts concluded in Poland, miscellaneous documents containing recommendations and guidelines as well as French standards or excerpts from French commercial law.