Written translation

Top quality written translation

Thousands of translated texts, a team of experienced translators and proofreaders, tools guaranteeing terminology consistency in translated documents, numerous recommendations from satisfied clients – these are our trump cards distinguishing ATT INTERWERS providing written translation services from other translation agencies.

The proper selection of a translator is of key importance for the quality of future translation. Therefore, the materials provided by customers are analysed and assigned to a translator or a group of translators whose technical knowledge, experience and language skills guarantee the high quality of the text in a new language version, consistent and appropriate content, technical style and timeliness.

Each text prepared by the translator in a new language version is carefully verified and proofread. To clarify, all translations from English, German, French and Russian into Polish or from Polish into English, German, French and Russian are checked by the internal Proofreading Department of ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency. On the other hand, the texts translated into other European languages are verified by foreign entities cooperating with us. The procedures described above result from our translation quality standards. They are not optional or additional activities, they are part of the translation process and are always included in the price.

Since we know very well and use CAT software on a daily basis, a customer can be sure that the terminology in the translated document is fully consistent and coherent. Each document ordered for translation at ATT INTERWERS increases the term base and the translation memory built on the basis of translated texts. This allows us to offer very attractive prices for regular customers which do not have to pay for the translation of fragments which had been translated before. Another advantage of using such solutions is enhanced coordination of large projects and shortened lead time.

As far as written translation is concerned, over the years, we have developed our own individual mode of operation based on a set of specific procedures and standards. Thanks to this we are able to offer top quality specialist business and technical translations.

Benefit more with our translators and proofreaders

The proof of high quality of services provided by ATT INTERWERS are recommendation letters received from satisfied customers. They value our comprehensive, substantive knowledge, in-depth understanding of the text, fidelity and accuracy of translation, high linguistic competencies of translators and proofreaders as well as keeping the deadlines. According to our philosophy, terminological consistency is crucial in technical and business texts. That is why we use, among other things, special software to support and improve the translation process.

In our translation memories we store previously translated output texts and their equivalent target texts. The translation memory is simply a database containing the source language segment and its translation. This system makes it possible for us to build a term base assigned to a given client, maintain terminological consistency in all the documents translated and offer more and more attractive discounts for further orders.

Another strength of our company is the internal proofreading department. We believe that providing texts not read by a proofreader, i.e. sending technical and business translations to a client directly from a translator, is a quality deficiency that does not represent a saving, as it always impairs the translated document quality. We do not charge any extra fee for the proofreading service often performed by two proofreaders. The cost is always included in the translation price. Our approach to the proofreading obligation of all translated documents distinguishes a good translation agency from an individual translator or a translation agency not employing proofreaders.

A translator of business texts tailored to your needs

What can you win by choosing ATT INTERWERS? First of all, access to a wide range of modern translation services. We specialise in technical and legal translation in all European languages.

We assist our customers in creating new language versions of documents of strategic importance for the future of their companies. The written translation can be provided as ordinary texts or certified by a sworn translator. We are constantly adapting our activities to the changing requirements of economic and business reality, introducing more and more modern technologies and translation project management systems. Thanks to the cooperation agreements signed, the customer has a sense of security in terms of price guarantee. Moreover, consistency of the professional terminology is guaranteed. On the other hand, we are flexible enough to easily adapt our services to the changing expectations of corporate clients.

Thanks to the implemented and proven procedures, the customer can obtain clear and complete information at every stage of order processing through any business communication channel. By working with us, clients can be guaranteed that in terms of translation services their company will work better, more efficiently and faster.

Fixed price for written translation services

The commonly used settlement unit for written translation in Poland is one page of the translated text. To clarify, this is the number of so-called “key hits”, i.e. characters with spaces.

For some time now, CAT software has been gaining in popularity. Above all, it is used to assist the translation process, but also to estimate the amount of text. Since the tools are based on mathematical algorithms, it proved necessary to introduce a new settlement unit. In a quite natural way, a word in the original document being the smallest unit of text has become such a settlement unit.

ATT INTERWERS develops a quotation based on one of the two units described above, taking into account discounts resulting from the repetitions. More and more often, at the stage of preparing a price quote we also try too specify a fixed price for the whole translation service. Already at this point the customer receives from us full, comprehensive information about the fixed costs of the service.