Markowa, 25 January 2018

Reference letter

The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews during World War II in Markowa expresses its satisfaction with the services provided by ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency, based in Łódź at 55 Andrzeja Struga Street. 44, with which she has been cooperating since 2015 in the field of translation of texts into the permanent exhibition of the Museum and translation of information and promotional leaflets and folders.
The services provided by ATT INTERWERS are characterized by a high standard, manifested in the knowledge of specialist terminology and the fact that the translated texts are subject to a thorough stylistic revision, and above all in the availability and openness to the suggestions of the Orderer. Execution of orders is always on time. Therefore, to institutions considering cooperation with a translation service provider I recommend ATT INTERWERS as a reliable, honest and friendly partner.


Director of the Museum of the Poles Saving Jews during World War II

the Ulma Family in Markowa

dr Anna Stroz