Żychlin, 25.10.2010

Letter of recommendation

During the period between 2001 and 2010, ATT.PL has completed over 300 translation projects for Fabryka Transformatorów w Zychlinie. The translated documents concerned power and distribution transformers; dry-type transformers; earthing transformers; arc-suppressing reactors; oil-immersed, three-phase furnace transformers and reactors as well as special transformers and reactors. The document s delivered by ATT.PL also included translation of our commercial offers from Polish into other European languages (English, German, Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, Slovak, Spanish etc.) and vice versa. The technical translations made by ATT.PL are fully professional while the level of customer service is worth recommending.

Jadwiga Pawęzka
President of the Board

Rekomendacje dla Biura Tłumaczeń ATT od FT w Żychlinie