Cooperation between Poland and Germany

Polish-German cooperation

Economic cooperation between Poland and Germany means a great opportunity which can strengthen the potential of both countries and contribute to the growth of prosperity of both societies. It concerns various industries, e.g. energy, automotive, machinery manufacturing, agriculture. ATT INTERWERS Technical Translation Agency is a link in the chain of activities that bring Polish companies very tangible benefits. We provide services which consist in enabling our clients to effectively and reliably communicate technical and business content in Polish and German.

ATT Translation Agency focuses on service reliability and strives to develop long-term relationships with its clients based on business ethics. Therefore, we offer verified customer service procedures, the possibility of obtaining transparent and comprehensive information at each stage of order execution, favourable prices and short lead times, and above all, the highest quality of translated documents.

Our experience shows that such understanding of business presence is close not only to us, but also to our partners from Poland and Germany. We are convinced that in this respect the business mentality of Poles and Germans is very close to each other.

The ATT Translation Agency’s offer is clearly structured and adapted to German technical culture. Such an approach, expressed in the text of our mission, has ensured us the trust of our German partners and many Polish companies for years. It has clearly been confirmed that transparent rules, trust and meeting your commitments are very rewarding. Life has shown that this is the best, because the most natural, basis for business ethics. By consciously introducing it and writing it down in the text of the mission, we were guided by patterns from German economic culture [culture – heritage, consciously nurtured customs, achievements, principles forged in the course of the community’s history].