Technical translator

Technical translators

The selection of competent translators to work for ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency consists not only in a multi-stage recruitment process, but also in creating opportunities for and managing their development and improvement of their language skills at the initial stage of cooperation. This multi-stage approach to the recruitment process and intensive contact with the translator-engineer – by providing them with information about the specifics of working on technical translations and then providing them with feedback on their work – guarantees successful long-term cooperation. Thanks to this open and collaborative approach and the combination of linguistic and technical knowledge, both translators and reviewers develop their skills and improve their competencies.
All translators working for ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency undergo a multi-stage recruitment process. Not only do we require excellent knowledge of the source and target language. In order for a text to be allocated to a given translator, it is essential that they have theoretical knowledge of the technical field in question and practical skills to translate the technical text.
We know how important the issue of confidentiality is in the business world. We would like to stress that we always require translators to sign a confidentiality agreement. In this way, during many years of our activity, we have provided all our Clients with legal protection of their technological and commercial information, and while entrusting their documents to us, they are confident that all information will remain confidential.
Translators with technical education who wish to cooperate with us are welcome to send in their applications using our recruitment form under the Career tab and to read our articles on the profession of a translator under the Publications tab.