Qualifications of our translators

ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency is a team of highly qualified translators. Our co-workers, apart from impeccable foreign language knowledge, have specialist know-how of a given industry due to field of study at the university they graduated from or the work performed. Therefore, among them there are computer scientists, automation specialists, automotive specialists, lawyers, electrical engineers, doctors, physicists, pharmacists, mechanical engineering specialists, chemists, experts in matters of finance, bank and law firm employees, process engineers, academic teachers and scientists of various degrees. All of them have excellent foreign language skills.

Recruitment process

The translator recruitment process at ATT INTERWERS Translation Agency consists of several stages. Upon submission of an application, we review it and assess the applicant skills and capabilities taking into account our needs. The next step for the translator is to complete our standard recruitment form. Subsequently, the applicant is requested to translate sample texts selected for them, taking into account the skills and specialisations specified by them in the translator’s questionnaire. The samples are to be translated overnight and then they are checked and evaluated for substantive, stylistic and linguistic correctness. The translators who successfully pass the recruitment process are requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which is a prerequisite for starting cooperation.


How to become a translator